Saturday, January 29, 2011

My God is bigger than the boogie yours?

             Hello, hello! Happy Saturday to you all. I don't know how you spent this beautiful afternoon, but I spent the day over at Remingtons...also known as 'the bar that got saved'. A group of youth ministers from around the area get together each year to put on an event called ''Youthquake''. I had the privilege of working the merchandise table for the Caleb Rowden band ( with a few other volunteers. Past years have been great, but this year was fantastic. Not only did we have CRB lead worship but The Skit Guys ( presented the message through stand up comedy. The first session we had 850 kids, and the second session was standing room only. The was an incredible number of salvations made, as well as a large amount of re-dedications. Sometimes it doesn't really seem like God is doing much in our lives. But when God moves, He moves in a big way. He knocks us off our feet and continues to amaze us every single second. People say "...and then God showed up..." but God doesn't just "show up", He's been here all along. So just take a moment, close your eyes, and turn your brain off. Stop worrying about that homework you still haven't done, or the cute boy in your science class, and just sit. Marinate in the fact that the God who died for your sins and then rose again 2000 years ago, is still very much alive today. And He wants to know YOU. He wants to use YOU. And most importantly, He wants to spend eternity with YOU.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Graffiti love.

             I love doing graffiti. Not the illegal type, but just on paper with markers. It's such a great way to express yourself, and because it's "abstract", you really can't screw up. I'm normally not the artistic type. I'm creative, I just can't put it down on paper in a way I like. We're learning about graffiti art (not tagging, there is a difference!) in art class at co-op this month. Who would've thought a group of homeschoolers would be learning about something that is normally classified as vandalism? Not me. An hour of drawing at co-op this afternoon was just not enough for me, so I came home and spent another hour and a half creating my masterpiece(s). I like using colors to give it some life, but there's just no comparison to the stark contrast of black and white. It's such an edgy, "gothic novel" look. Well if I don't stop typing now, I may never. Lol. So it looks like I have something new to keep me busy with. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011.

           It's almost February! Crazy, huh? This past year was filled with some awesome memories. Great times with friends and even greater times with the Lord. Here are a few pictures from 2010:


Family reunion at the lake.

Tailgating at PHS. Ash totally rocked the Wii Boxing.

The Cup downtown with my girls. I heart them.

First snow of winter...on Thanksgiving no less.

             It was such an amazing year filled with so many blessings. I'm so thankful for friends that have stuck with me through good and bad. This year brings promise of forming new friendships and strengthening old ones, a mission trip to Houston and one to Arkansas, CAMP, my sixteenth birthday, and so much more. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for 2011. Let's get excited. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Risky Business.

          Oh I love thee. Sundays are probably my favorite day of the week. Albeit the longest, but my favorite. Waking up early isn't my favorite, but for church it's more than worth it. This morning we talked about taking risks. I'm normally not the risk-taking type...actually I'm not a risk taker AT ALL. But this morning got me to thinking; would you rather someone say "Oh well, that *insert name* lived a pretty mundane life." or " Wow! *insert name* really lived life to the fullest." I know if it were me, I'd prefer the latter. So unless you enjoy being a Protective Polly, I challenge you with this: do one thing, everyday, that makes you uncomfortable. For it's only when we're not comfortable with things that God can really begin to move in us. So have a wonderful week, and get uncomfortable. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Quick Recap.

       Why hello again. Fancy meeting you here. My week has been great and I hope yours has been as well. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep my eyes open so here is a quick recap of my week.

Wednesday- school. icky. working up at the office with Jessie and James. student service. incredible, as usual.

Thursday- snow day. yippee. doing nothing. fantastic...and slightly boring.

Friday- school. icky...again. haircut by the lovely Jessie. so. awesome. the mall. shopping. need I say more?

Saturday (also known as 'today')- a few Lost episodes. a movie with the fam, Josh, and Zach. putting together a shelf for my bathroom. and the office...the show, not like, an actual office.

      So there is your QUICK (notice my lack of capitalization) update on all things Emilee. Hope you have a wonderful evening. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

         Well hello again! Today was a snow day. Hurray for homeschooler snow days ;) Anyways, it is absolutely beautiful outside. There are days when I think Missouri is so boring...however, she proves me wrong time and time again. I did, unfortuantely, have a small "encounter" with the snow today. I went out to get the mail today, slipped, and fell. Face plant. In the snow. Ouch. I did however manage to save the mail by flinging my arm up in the air when I fell. That was about the only thing I managed to salvage...including my dignity. I'm sure the neighborhood kids that were sledding down the street had a nice laugh at my expense. I am not the most graceful person, so adding ice/snow to that didn't help matters much. So to nurse my wounded pride, I proceeded to curl up in bed and watch some LOST. Needless to say, my snow day was pretty much perfect. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good-bye Ruby Tuesday...

        Today was fantastic...and believe it or not, there is not one bit of sarcasm in that statement. We went back to co-op today. We learned a lot...okay not really. But, we did learn that it is very possible to sarcastically sing Ke$ha songs whilst walking backwards, Dr. Seuss was on something when he wrote his books, and our teachers are encouraging us to do graffiti. I love being home schooled. My best friend, Brittany, and I spent the entire first part of Ancient World History writing notes in the form of song lyrics to each other.

Me: King Midas feels so fly, like a g6.
Britt: Well I got the magic in me.
Me: I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy.
Britt: My head is up in the clouds.

          Yeah, we're cool like that. We also watched a video about aerosol graffiti. The guy in the video sprayed the spray paint over a match. Our teachers told us not to do that at home...that definitely made me want to try it. Although, with my luck, our house would catch on fire. Anyways, tomorrow is Wednesday. Which! I'm excited to see everyone and hear about the ski trip. So until then...bon voyage.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rubber bands...and not the kind you buy at Staples.

      Well it's official, my orthodontist hates me. I like to think I've been pretty nice to the guy. And I certainly didn't have anything against him...until this morning. I have had to wear a rubber band once before, no big deal, just one on one side. But noooo not THIS time. Usually a rubber band will stretch from your left lowers to your left uppers (the same on the right side). Unfortunately, my orthodontist decided it would be funny to give Emilee a band that goes from the bottom of the right side of my mouth to the top of the left side of my mouth. Oh. my. word. Not only do my teeth hurt like none other, but I look absolutely ridiculous. But, I have been trying very hard to look on the bright side of things, because I only have four months left, but it's quite difficult when I can't even properly lick my lips. Oh well, life will go on. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the week starts all over again...

         I hate Mondays. I mean I really, really hate Mondays. And the fact that I have a orthodontist appointment tomorrow probably doesn't help that situation. But, I am determined that this Monday will be different. Tomorrow we're painting my bathroom. This might not seem like a big deal, but after living here for five years, I'm so glad we're finally putting a color on the walls. NO. MORE. WHITE. Yay. Also, tomorrow the Ski| Missions group gets back. They have been tearing up the slopes in CO since Friday. So far the injuries list come to 2 concussions, and a messed up shoulder and back. If I went...let's just say it would be much higher than that. I'm not exactly the most, uh, graceful person on the planet. I am, however, excited to talk to everyone (one in particular) and hear how it went. The fourteen hour bus ride, though, would be a killer...especially since some of those boys aren't the quietest. I have a feeling everyone will be coming home tomorrow and collapsing in bed. I know that's what I'd do. Actually, that's what I'm going to do after emptying the dishwasher and brushing my teeth. I know, 8:30....we homeschoolers are such party animals. But tomorrow's a busy day...til then. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Lost"....*insert creepy music here*

       Okay, so I may be six years late, but I have finally started watching "Lost". The show fascinates me yet creeps me out at the same time. Just a few too many dead people for my taste. But I love the flashbacks, because I love knowing a little bit about that person and their story before they ended up on a random, creepy, virtually non-existent island. My favorite character? Well, I really, really like Sayid, but I also like Charlie. He may be a bit of a nutcase, but there's just something about him. NOTE: I am on the season finale of season 1...if either character turns out to be a psychopath, please let me figure that out. Gracias. I finally had to turn the TV off so I could go to bed (church in the morning). But would you like to guess the first thing I'm doing when I get home tomorrow?

P.S. I have also found the show more enjoyable in the day time. Something about finding dead bodies at the bottom of a pond makes me want be able to see everything in the daylight. Hm.

Friday, January 14, 2011 I am.

         Well hello there. I have officially joined the blogging community...or cult. Whichever term you prefer to use. After much debate, I decided to de-activate that time-sucking, addicting-yet-annoying little thing called...FACEBOOK. So here I am. Today was my cousins 13th birthday (Happy Birthday Nathan!)...Lord help us all. We went to Incredible Pizza. Which surprisingly, even at 15, is still pretty fun. Not to mention the fact that I (the only girl) kicked butt in laser tag. Beware of the fifteen year-old homeschooled girl with the laser gun. It got intense. Which is the reason I am shutting off the computer (and my brain) and heading to bed. So that concludes my first scatter-brained attempt at blogging...goodnight. :)