Thursday, July 28, 2011


    No, I'm not talking about 'burned' as in "Oh you just got buuurned!", but as in a literal burn. Two of them actually. On Wednesday I gave myself a nasty burn on my arm from my flat iron. Oh the price we pay for beauty. Then tonight, while taking a batch of cookies out of the oven, I scalded my poor finger. Ouch.

   On another note, the scars from my appendectomy are still a lovely pink color. I hope they turn white soon...I don't enjoy looking like pink markers attacked my stomach. Ick.

  So now I shall go nurse my wounds...literally.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


     This has been a bit of a crazy week for me, but good nonetheless. I really enjoy being busy in the summer, but there's times where I just want to sit and do nothing. There's only so many hours in a day, right?

     Sunday morning we had church, and I absolutely love my church, but I'm always just exhausted after Sunday morning. Daniel and I led the opening game Sunday morning, and I'm so glad our youth group gets students involved in activities. That morning, our lesson was on 'Our Calling'. Determining my 'calling' has always especially difficult for me, because I've never felt like I had that niche that other girls have. I don't sing, or act, or have a great sense of style. But this week I realized that my calling is to simply glorify the Lord in everything I do. He will use me in every situation that comes my way.

    Monday we went up to my grandmas house to paint. When she asked us to come and help her with some painting, I pictured rollers and a paint can. Wrong. We used spray paint. Yes, you read that right: spray paint. She had us spray paint the wallpaper under her bay window in the front room. After inhaling way too much spray paint, we headed to Zios for lunch. When we got home, Lance and I mowed the yard. All in all it was a long day.

   Tuesday my mom and I went to lunch with Kari at Beths Bake Shop. Yum! I had half of a croissant sandwich and a salad. After lunch I went to work up at the church office. I always have a great time hanging out with the staff and the other apprentices.

   Today Ashlyn and I headed back up to the office to prep for the church-wide prayer gathering we had tonight. This is the third prayer gathering we have had, but the first one I've attended. I loved it! It was such a great time for every generation of the church to come together to worship and come before the Lord in prayer. The music was fantastic thanks to Tyler, James, Nate, and the band.

    I don't have anything to do this weekend! Except for maybe paint the kitchen.... I'm thankful for friends who have even busier schedules than I do, but still make time to hang out and catch up.

    Be blessed and be a blessing!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I promise I'm still alive...

...I've just been a little busy lately. So, here I am to update you on all things Emilee.

   To start off with, from July 13-17 we had CAMP! But before we headed off to Windemere, Ashlyn and I had a girl date that included t-shirts and Nichole337 videos. We started off with Girls Bible Study, then hit up WalMart for some t-shirts, puffy paint, and donuts. After we returned to my house, we decorated our t-shirts and then watched this (our friend Nichole) fantastic video.

   The next day it was time for CAMP! We took off for Roach, MO on Wednesday and returned on Sunday.

   Here are some pics from the week:

Ash and her contraband.

Quinn, Leigh Anna, and Ashlyn on the tube.

Me and my roomie: Day 5

Oh 10th grade boys...

They attacked poor Tori.

Ashlyn, Katie, Courtney, Marlowe, Tori, Jordan, and I.

        It was such a fun week and God is moving in Rbcstudents! My dad left yesterday to work for two months up in Quincy, IL. We will be heading up there for a week at the end of August, so that will be an adventure!

      Have a wonderful weekend, and be blessed!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Foodie Friday.

      Ok friends, so I was a little slow on this food trend. May I introduce the love of my life....NUTELLA.


       I'm telling you, this stuff is the bee's knee's! I had it on a nectarine for dinner last night, and on a graham cracker for breakfast this morning. So, if you've never tried Nutella...GO BUY SOME :)