Monday, September 17, 2012

Homeschooling, Homecoming, and Hotrod.

      What a month it has been! School has gotten better, it's not great, but it's better. Here's a small recap of the things that have happened in the past few weeks...

1. I'm writing my research paper on homeschooling (creative topic choice, eh?).
2. Auditions for Cinderella have come and gone, and even though I didn't make this show, I'm so excited for all of my friends who did! I know it's going to be an amazing show.
3. I joined drama club today! Our first get together is this Saturday at one of the seniors house. We are doing a drive-in/barbecue/bonfire. It should be quite a lot of fun.
4. This past Friday was Nixa's homecoming. I went with an awesome guy, and enjoyed hanging out with my crazy friends. I sure do love them...
5. I'm watching Hotrod for the first time right now, and I must admit, it's kind of cracking me up.

       Sorry for the short post, but I have an English paper to write! Have a great week! :)